I talk quite a lot.

From the sum if it, sometimes and some things come out somewhat useful.

Same thing with writing. I do write even more.

Some of it evolves into blog posts, but most of it just lie here, in my computer. But that is its main problem. If you have a trail of thought, its end goal should never be a blog post. It could just be, in its raw, unedited form. That trail of thoughs is the main reason of this space.

I won’t lie, I was highly inspired by Joel in ’Stop Giving af and Start Writing More’ and that is exactly how I will be doing. He has a perspective of creating a ’digital garden’ for his own thoughts which I highly share 🌻.

Not sure if it’ll be somewhat useful for anyone. But I guess, not everything has to be useful, just to be fun, right?🤔

And that is my type of garden 👇 I’ll be planting in this garder


Courtesy of eb.perler [at] pinterest