About me

I’m not particularly interesting person. However I do have a hobby to code. That really has a good transition to various technologies and tools as a side effect.

At work I specialize on mobile devices, in particular - Android. Mostly working with native technologies, though had opportunities to touch Flutter, NDK or trying out some hybrid in between.

But above all, my ♥ lies close to JVM technologies - Spring Boot 🍀, JavaFX, Kotlin, Gradle 🔧. And some experimentation on cryptic and unpredictable tech - TensorFlow, OpenCV, OCR 👀. Somehow I always find myself caught up mixing ant matching that tech in creating bots 🤖‍.

Also, I work with similiar-like-minded people at iTo. Some, if not bigger part of interesting engineering comes from there. Fingerscrossed 🤞 I’ll be able to open-source some of the tools from there as well.

Above all the tech, I do rant a lot. But if you’re still reading this, you probably have figured that out already. Who writes about himself that much ?? 🤦

Anyway. I was hoping that my love for tech and random garble would translate into something more useful.

So. You’ll find blog posts and tools in the menu on the 👈

If you would like say or find something interesting, you can drop me a message at LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. All the random stuff I work on is on Github.

Cheers ✌️,